R & D Projects

Wonderstone is a company with a strong focus on Research & Development, we are currently involved in research projects in the following areas:

New improved components for Synthetic Diamond (lab grown diamond) Manufacture

Wonderstone in conjunction with WITS University has developed a new technology to produce powder pressed reconstituted pyrophyllite components. These reconstituted components have very favourable and consistent physical properties avoiding the variability sometimes seen in the machined natural material.

Insulation and Fire Barrier Materials

Lab tests are being done on foamed Wonderstone composite materials developed in our laboratory, which so far indicate potential applications in insulation, fire proofing and fire-retardant applications at competitive costs.

Thermal energy storage

Wonderstone (Pyrophyllite) has been shown to have an excellent Volumetric Heat Capacity. Wonderstone is involved in various pilot projects involving thermal energy storage and waste heat recovery.

Wonderstone Ltd has a strong emphasis on R & D and innovation and we are happy to consider collaborations with other companies or institutions on potential R & D projects.