Wonderstone Ltd is a mining company that is 100% owned by Assore Ltd and has been mining a uniquely pure  pyrophyllite deposit since 1937. Wonderstone mine is situated approximately 300 kilometers west of Johannesburg, close to the small town of Ottosdal. 

As an entirely independent company since its inception in 1937, Wonderstone Ltd has taken pride in conducting its business with strong ethical values and respect for confidentiality. Wonderstone Ltd is an innovative company with numerous exciting Research & Development projects currently underway. With new applications and advancements for pyrophyllite being regularly discovered, we are happy to report that, given our current rate of mining and market demand, and based on the in-situ resource, Wonderstone still has a remaining life of mine well in excess of 30 years.

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Community Projects

Wonderstone Ltd has over the years and is still currently involved, in numerous community upliftment projects. For example, Wonderstone Ltd. has been involved in the building of the Natanja Primary School which serves learners in the Ottosdal community, where Wonderstone mine is situated. They also fund the Tertiary Education Preparatory (TEP) Programme. This programme aims to prepare students from rural areas, academically for university and other tertiary education programmes.