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Wonderstone Ltd is 100% owned by Assore Ltd and has been mining a uniquely pure  yrophyllite deposit 300 kilometers west of Johannesburg since 1937. Wonderstone Ltd does not manufacture or sell synthetic diamonds, we do however manufacture various components made from Wonderstone (Pyrophyllite), which are used in the synthetic diamond industry. Wonderstone enjoys a special position in the ceramic field, especially in the diamond synthesis industry world-wide, which has utilised the properties of excellent thermal and electrical insulation and high compressive strength in the process of manufacturing synthetic diamonds, for over 60 years.

Wonderstone Ltd has over the years and is still currently involved, in numerous community upliftment projects. For example, Wonderstone Ltd. along with Assore Ltd entities such as Dwarsrivier and Boleng Trust, have built the Natanja Primary School which serves learners in the Ottosdal community, where Wonderstone mine is situated. They also fund the Tertiary Education Preparatory (TEP) Programme. This programme aims to prepare students from rural areas, academically for university and other tertiary education programmes. For more information on our community upliftment projects please see group sustainability report on the Assore Ltd website.

As an entirely independent company since its inception in1937, Wonderstone Ltd has taken pride in conducting its business with strong ethical values and respect for confidentiality. Wonderstone Ltd is an innovative company with numerous exciting Research & Development projects currently underway. With new applications and advancements for Wonderstone being regularly discovered, we are happy to announce that Wonderstone Mine still has a 70-year reserve, ensuring future Wonderstone supply.

Wonderstone Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified (TUV Rheinland Certification Body).


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