About Us

Wonderstone Ltd is 100% owned by Assore Ltd and has been mining a uniquely pure Pyrophyllite deposit 300 kilometers west of Johannesburg since 1937. It enjoys a special position in the ceramic field in that the diamond synthesis industry world-wide has utilised the properties of excellent thermal and electrical insulation, thermal shock resistance and high compressive strength in the process of manufacturing synthetic diamonds for over 50 years.

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Diamond Industry

Wonderstone, in particular, has been the product of choice because of the properties of thermal and electrical insulation

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Technical Ceramics

Wonderstone can be held to closer dimensional tolerances than any other ceramic body that is not ground after firing.

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Industrial Minerals

Wonderstone powder can be supplied in various particle size distribution envelopes, either calcined (up to 1000 ⁰C) or uncalcined.

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